Vendor Application & Contract


The fine print...


The person completing this application is the primary contact for the above named business and is referred to as the Vendor. Omful - Spiritual & Holistic Healing Lounge, for the purpose of this contract is referred to as the Consignee. All information on the above form is correct and the Consignee will be notified in person or by email of any future changes to that information.

Consignment Terms:

Consignment values are 60% to the Vendor and 40% to the Consignee. Payments of more than $20.00 will be made via e-transfer to the email address provided on the above form by the 5th of each month. If your portion is less than $20.00 it will be carried over to the next month or if you wish to email us to set up a time to come in, we can provide you cash payment. 

The length of the term is one (1) month from the day your products are placed in the studio. The Vendor or Consignee may terminate the term with ten (10) days notice and the Vendor is responsible for picking up all unsold items. Eligibility for renewal will be at the discretion of the Consignee. 

It is always the responsibility of the Vendor to deliver their products directly to the Store which is located at #105 9361 Mill Street, Chilliwack. The intent is for your products to sell quickly and in such case the consignee will contact the Vendor for re-stock. If there is more than one week left in the term, it is required that the Vendor supplies additional product within four (4) business days. If the shelf sits empty, the Vendor agrees that the Consignee may re-assign their allotted space to another Vendor on the wait list. We will do our best to prevent your items from being broken or stolen but, do not take responsibility should there be any loss or damage. 

The Vendor agrees that during the term, their products will not be sold or distributed in any other retail location on the North side of Chilliwack unless otherwise discussed and agreed to in writing. 

The Consignee may, on occasion run sales (especially during Party in the Park) and will contact the Vendor to discuss their participation.

When bringing in your products, please ensure they are properly labeled with prices and that a descriptive inventory list is supplied. The Vendor may bring in a price list as well as a couple small props to 'decorate' your space.

Please remember that actively advertising on your social media platforms and linking to Omful with increase the exposure of your products, so please share frequently! 

Should a customer have reasonable grounds to return your product, we will offer an in store credit and inform you of the item that was returned. 

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