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Kristen Day 

To book with Kristen email hello@omfulliving.com  or 778-927-1480

Ascension Coaching

Contact for programs & pricing hello@omfulliving.com

Kristen helps men & women to align with energy, source and self by educating you on proven processes as well as facilitating the hard but, necessary inner work so that you can ascend emotionally, spiritually and personally to the next best version of you! 

Black Pearl Technique

60 mins $50 (intro rate good until January 16th, 2020)

The Black Pearl Technique releases deep-seated trauma and stress. It is a wonderful healing modality that uses massage-like techniques while bringing attention to specific meridian energy points. It performs a primary role in the processing & memory of emotional reactions, the formation & storage of memories with emotional events & fear responses such as fight or flight, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, increased respiration & stress-hormone release. (Suitable for adults and children.)

What does the Black Pearl Technique address?

  • releases ways our flow in life has stopped.

  • releases stuck energy caused by sitting for long periods of time

  • releases congested or blocked sexual energy a/o abuse and trauma.

  • releases congested intellectual knowledge that prevents from tapping into true wisdom, opening 3rd eye & setting focus.

  • restores blood flow and gets the electrolytes circulating throughout the brain.

  • opens up all the neuro-vascular holding points.

  • completes the central and governing meridian circuitry and quiets the client down.

  • helps deal with being obsessed behavior and over thinking. 

  • helps deal with the emotion of bitterness, rage, injustice, and things you can’t stomach 

  • helps deal directly with the emotions of self-disappointment, self-anger and self sabbotage 

  • connects the heart of Source or Universe (crown chakra) with your heart (heart chakra).

  • taps into a natural rhythm the fetus experienced inside the Mother’s womb. This rhythm stays with us and is an easy way to reset the nervous system, calm the body and shift emotional patterns.

  • calms the kidney meridian and grounds the ‘balancing’ and ‘healing’ energies. 

  • uses Triple Warmer to ease trauma, calm stress/shakiness

  • helps bounce back from chronic insomnia or fatigue, helps ADD & ADHD.

Chakra Alignment 

40 mins $79

80 mins $149

Do you feel stuck, frustrated or easily annoyed and do small day to day tasks seems overwhelming? Are you in a constant state of stress or anxiety? You probably need to get your chakras into proper spinning alignment.

Intuitive Oracle Reading 

15 mins (3 cards) $29.00

30 mins (7 cards) $49.00

Video or phone calls available at same cost.

Kristen Day is a highly intuitive card reader who brings universally attuned messages to each card (area) that is pulled. She offers knowing insight and a gentle energetic healing during her sessions. 

Reiki - Usui 

40 mins $59.00

60 mins $79.00

40 minute distance Reiki $39.00

Kristen provides emotional, spiritual and physical healing through the profound energy work of Usui Reiki. She practices a soft touch technique by placing hands on various spots over your body to locate and release blockages. Includes 5-10 minutes of intuitive guidance based on what 'comes up' during your session. Guided meditation and music is optional.  

Feng Shui Consultation - On site (home or business) 

$249 - initial consultation and full report.

2 hour consult includes suggestions to create a more harmonious flow in your environment based on building structure, neighborhood and other factors within your space. An email report is provided within 10 days. Learn more.  

Feng Shui Therapy (change your personal Chi to improve the flow in your life!)


20 mins $30 (per area of life)

120 mins $179.00 (all 8 areas of life)

This therapy is based on your 'self' and what may be needed to create better flow within your mind, body and soul. Sessions begin with diving deep into what is causing turmoil, anxiety or over all 'clutter' in all 8 areas of your life. Min 4 sessions are suggested to understand how the new flow is going to work for you. 

Indian Head Massage

35 mins $56.00 

Our head and neck are often over looked when considering massage, however this is where we carry the burden of most of our daily stresses. Super relaxing and rejuvenating, this massage includes strokes to the face, head and neck. Be prepared to leave with some oil in your hair. (which is amazingly hydrating and conditioning) 

Rose Blaich

Owner - Intuitive Wellness & Certified Professional Practitioner 

To book with Rose call 604.992.4209 email intowellness8@gmail.com or hello@omfulliving.com 

Holistic Health & Nutrition

Prices vary $75.00+ email for more info 

Discuss your specific concerns or determine which direction or path you would like to start or continue on. Do you have concerns about your nutrition and physical health?  Or just unsure about how to eat for a specific condition?


*Customizable based on client's requests/needs - suitable for children (*Breast Cancer support also available)

ThetaHealing® Session

60 mins $100.00

Session will consist of complete intuitive body scan to identify blockages or underlying belief patterns. We will use a questioning technique called digging to gently identify any programs or patterns that may be limiting you or holding you back from the life you want to live. 

Guidance Readings 

30 mins $60.00

Connect directly with your Angels or Guides.  See what messages they have for you to help you live out your highest and best path.   


60 mins $75.00 * 30 minute sessions are available for $60

You will lay down and be covered with a blanket. Rose will place her hands on specific locations on and around your body. Treatments may include music, essential oils and healing crystals. Complete relaxation and sleep is encouraged.

Tanja Tomlinson

Owner - Sacred Birch & Certified Professional Practitioner 


60 mins $40.00

A 60 minute foot Reflexology treatment is available at a reduced rate while Tanja is still a student of the practice of Reflexology. A treatment is done on bare feet and pressure is applied to various points on the feet which are thought to correspond with different glands, organs and parts of the body. Reflexology can promote relaxation which helps supports the body's efforts to function optimally, while circulation is improved, the immune system and energy is boosted and stress can be reduced naturally. Reflexology can help manage common ailments such as musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, anxiety, hormonal and digestive issues to name a few. 

Usui Reiki

60 mins $80.00

90 mins $111.0

A 60 or 90 minute session is a comprehensive Reiki treatment designed to promote relaxation and assist your body's natural and innate ability to heal through a system of gentle and intuitive hand positions held on various locations on your body. Reiki can encourage your body and spirit to clear physical, emotional and spiritual blockages. 


The 90 minute treatment allows for more time to focus on the Chakra System and to balance male and female energies in the body. Chakras will be assessed for imbalances and blockages then re-balanced and cleared as needed. Each session wraps up with a discussion of energetic and inuitive discoveries. Tanja is a Usui Reiki Master, member of the Canadian Reiki Association and has additional training and interest in the Chakra System. 

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