Omful Living is a brick and mortar space with retail shopping and consignment clothing (in Chilliwack BC) where people living a Spiritual and Holistic lifestyle can find their tribe and rely on us to be a home base and to assist in an accelerated growth towards reaching an enriched, abundant and meaningful life!

We offer shopping, healing, guidance & coaching as well as facilitate small and large scale events, certification courses, workshops, talks & programs!

Our  Healing Services

Omful Living Owner & Certified Practitioner

Kristen Day 

To book with Kristen drop a line to 

Ascension Coaching

Contact for programs & pricing

Chakra Alignment 

Do you feel stuck or out of alignment? Feeling frustrated or easily annoyed. Do small day to day tasks seems overwhelming? You probably need to get your chakras into proper spinning alignment. 

40 mins $69

70 mins $97

120 mins $149

Intuitive Oracle Reading 

Kristen Day is a highly intuitive card reader who brings universally attuned messages to each card (area) that is pulled. She offers knowing insight and a gentle energetic healing during her sessions. 

15 mins (3 cards) $29.00

30 mins (7 cards) $49.00

Video or phone calls available at same cost.

Reiki - Usui 

40 mins $59.00

60 mins $79.00

40 minute distance Reiki $39.00

Feng Shui Coaching 

Program individually designed. Fees will vary

Feng Shui Consultation - On site (home or business) 

$249 - initial consultation 

Feng Shui Therapy (change your personal Chi to improve the flow in your life!)


20 mins $30 (per area of life)

120 mins $179.00 (all 8 areas of life)

Indian Head Massage

35 mins $56.00 

Arm & Hand Massage

20 mins $32.00

30 mins $38.00 

Jessica Bouchard Syms

Omful Living Collective Practitioner

To Book with Crystal Therapy  

Crystal Therapy

Email for cost

Crystal Reiki

Email for cost 

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Feng Shui Coaching
Feng Shui online Consultations

Feng Shui on site Consultations
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