Hello! Are you feeling a little blocked or lost in your life right now? Is your energy low and you can't quite find your get up and go? 

I am currently offering the Feed Your Soul - Raise Your Vibe Package in a 'Jump Start' version. You will quickly begin to get 'unstuck' through my methodological & spiritual processes + practices so that YOU can start to feel aligned, high vibe + high energy! 


📌 20 minute Feng Shui evaluation - Understand how your home environment is affecting your mind, body and overall self! We will discuss ways to get the Chi energy flowing within YOUR home specifically so that your vibes are emanating at a higher (+happier) frequency.

📌 30 minute Chakra Alignment - Together, we will determine which of your Chakras are out of Alignment. This will be done through a combination of questionnaire (completed before your appointment) and discussion of current moods, patterns, physical symptoms and emotional struggles. You will be guided through cleansing each of your 'blocked' Chakras!

📌 30 minute Reiki Session Reiki Energy is a beautiful way to feel renewed and alive. I work with energy on so many levels and am blessed to have this gift of healing to pass on to my clients. You can choose a specific area or overall healing. 

Feed Your Soul - Raise Your Vibe

Limited Time Offer

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