July Full Moon

Feeling like you need an extra cup of coffee today? Is it just me or is this full moon air a little extra thick and compelling than we are used to?

Today's Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is on the Capricorn-Cancer axis and is lovingly enticing us back to a place of personal power. It is ours to step confidently into so, be fierce my beautiful friend and take advantage of this! 

Today will be a day of choosing to accept the realignment of our inner knowing and intuition...what is sitting in the core of your soul waiting to be unleashed? Let it out...THIS is your truth! Surrender to it and own it. Your spirit is a beautifully powerful resource that is the essence of WHO YOU ARE and now is the time to make the shift that you know is necessary for your journey. You're likely to feel vulnerable but, be assured that Source is protecting and guiding you through transformation and that Divine Timing is on your side as the Universe holds space for you to push aside your fear based ego and make priority for who you TRULY ARE...step INTO your loving self so that you can be the light that you KNOW you are!

Now is a particular important time to pay special attention to any download(s) you have had since Jan 5th, as these were not by accident. Listen to the messages you have received and run with them! Begin an action plan by putting onto paper the download(s) in the form of goals and breakdown in baby steps how you can achieve this. Remember...you are being held in a place of alignment by the energy of this moon (for about two weeks) so, work with it!! Are you feeling a little emotionally and spiritually overwhelmed? You are not alone as the Cosmos are certainly strong but, eminent right now...I suggest you take a wee bit of time to sit and ponder your course of action, meditate on it and then DO the thing, TAKE the action & EXPRESS the feelings!

Don't forget tonight is optimal time to charge up and cleanse your crystals.

This lovely full moon is prompting me to offer you all an Intuitive Full Moon Card Reading for only $11..email hello@omfulliving.com to book yours. Offering is good thru Friday July 19th, 2019.

Be the light! xo

Kristen Day


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