On site Consultation: WHAT TO EXPECT: 

 1. Before the day of your consult, you will fill out a detailed form that outlines your current environment and provide a drawing of your space's layout.​

2. A 20 minute phone call is scheduled so that we can chat about your specific concerns and what goals you want to achieve with the use of Feng Shui. Areas include​ Creativity/Children, Family, Health, Helpful People/Travel, Relationship, Reputation, Wealth and Work 


3. On the day of your consultation you should expect our meeting to run approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.


  • I will bring a Bagua Map evaluation based on your drawing. 

  • We will walk through your space investigating furniture placement, colours, decor, art/pictures/mirrors, and other aspects affecting the chi flow.

  • I will explain the Five Elements Theory in relation to your goals and we can begin applicable Feng Shui cures by repositioning and eliminating easy to move items and furniture.

  • I'll use the 9 Star Ki reading to determine primary elements and the best way to integrate them into your space, taking into account habits and lifestyle. Up to 2 birth dates are included (each additional birth date has a $40.00 additional charge.)

4. To complete your consultation you can choose a short meditation or blessing.

5. If you have any questions, we'll spend a few minutes here addressing them.

    Add on on-site


  • Space Clearing is performed to release stagnant energy from your home. Some clients may prefer to reserve the full two hours for consulting only. Please discuss with Laura your preferences.


  • fter the consultation has been completed, you'll receive detailed NOTES that include a personalized 10-20 page PDF packet of diagrams, color photos, and a list of step-by-step Feng Shui suggestions. Notes are emailed to you within a week.


  • I understand the importance of ongoing support after your on-site consultation has been completed. You'll have access to Feng Shui Coaching, which means you could text message or email me questions and photos of updated changes in regard to your session. Please review the link above for specific details.


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