Kristen Day  Ascension Coach

I help men & women who are craving change and looking for more; to align with universal energy and 'self' so that they can ascend to their best version before taking their next steps! 

Hello there!

Do you feel like things just aren't right, like something is blocking you from being your best self? Are you struggling and stuck in a story that you don't belong in? You probably aren't in sync with your home's energy but, it doesn't need to be that way my friends...I can attest from my own personal journey that Feng Shui can begin to re-write your story as soon as you start using it! Hi, I'm Kristen Day and for most of my life l've profoundly understood space energetics so, delved in really deep and committed to the study and processes by becoming a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Coach. Work with me and let's unlock the hidden powers of your home so you can find your flow! 

Omful Living

 Based on principles of nature, spirituality and science

uses ancient Chinese    

techniques, your personal Kua number and Bagua mapping to create perfectly harmonized Chi (which means flow, life force or life's energy) in your space. Our homes should exude a tranquil and relaxing feeling, be a place of sanctuary and lift our spirits. Sometimes though, our environment's Yin and Yang can become a bit (or, let's face it...a lot!!) out of balance but, when identifying and removing blocks and properly applying Feng Shui cures to your surroundings, you can greatly improve any area of your life! If you're ready to make positive and exciting changes to the way things are currently going, then let's discuss how (with my help) you can influence the energy in your home (or workplace) to increase prosperity, health, relationships, happiness and more!

Kristen's top 10 reasons to start Feng Shui'ing now!

1. You experience a lot of stress, anxiety or overwhelm 

2. You are concerned about your finances and desire more cash flow

3. You have "stuck" energy - your Chakras are blocked or stagnant

4. You are looking for ways to increase energy and motivation

5. You want to boost your business or career and have more success

6. You would like to enhance and expand social connections

7. You want to replenish your relationship or find your true love

8. Your head feels foggy - you'd like to improve academics, learning & memory

9. You wish to nurture the growth & well being of your children

10. You or a family member are experiencing health issues 

So, you're excited to learn more about this ancient Chinese practice and dive in head first with no looking back (I mean...I get it) who wouldn't be right? I'm delighted to invite you to head on over to my Omful Homes Facebook Group and join our community as we explore all things FENG SHUI!!!  

"Feng Shui is a living skill. There's an art to it. It's scientific; it's mathematical and at times it's logical - with an element of magic."

~ Lucy Deslandes

Chilliwack BC, Canada

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