At Omful, we sell new and consignment clothing & accessories. If you would like to earn a little extra $$ by selling your quality & current items, this is how it works;

Bring in a maximum of 25 items on a Thursday or Friday (Saturday by appt.) Please email us for an appt if you have more than 25 items you would like to consign.  

We will look through your items while you wait.  

Term is 6 weeks and at 3 weeks we will begin to mark down items at discounted prices. If items become 'end of season' they will also marked down. 

At your 6 week date, you can pick up any unsold items or offer as donation. Please note; items will not be kept after your pick up date. 

We will pay you 45% of the earnings by e-transfer within 5 business days. Email address is required to open an account with us. 

If you would like to shop with your will be converted to 50% to you! 


The Omful Team 

Consignment Program

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