At Omful, we sell consignment accessories. If you would like to earn a little extra $$ by selling your quality & current items this is how it works;

Please email us at for an appointment. Bring in a maximum of 15 items and we will look through your items while you wait.  


What we accept on consignment:

  • Purses

  • Wallets

  • Hats

  • Jewelry

  • Shoes

  • Scarfs

  • Crystals

  • Books

  • Oracle cards


Term is 6 weeks and at 3 weeks we will begin to mark down items at discounted prices. If items become 'end of season' they will also marked down. 

At your 6 week date, you can pick up any unsold items or offer as donation. Please note; items will not be kept after your pick up date. 

We will pay you 45% of the earnings by e-transfer within 5 business days. Email address is required to open an account with us. 

If you would like to shop with your will be converted to 50% to you! 


The Omful Living Team 

Consignment Program

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