Feeling like you need an extra cup of coffee today? Is it just me or is this full moon air a little extra thick and compelling than we are used to?

Today's Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is on the Capricorn-Cancer axis and is lovingly enticing us back to a place of personal power. It is ours to step confidently into so, be fierce my beautiful friend and take advantage of this! 

Today will be a day of choosing to accept the realignment of our inner knowing and intuition...what is sitting in the core of your soul waiting to be unleashed? Let it out...THIS is your truth! Surrender to it and own it. Your spirit is a beautifully powerful resource that is the essence of WHO YOU ARE and now is the time to make the shift that you know is necessary for your journey. You're likely to feel vulnerable but, be assured that Source is protecting and guiding you through transformation and that Divine Timing is on your side as the Universe holds space for you to push aside your fear based ego and make priority for who you TRULY ARE...step INTO your loving self so that you can be the light that you KNOW you are!

Now is a particular important time to pay special attention to any download(s) you have had since Jan 5th, as these were not by accident. Listen to the messages you have received and run with them! Begin an action plan by putting onto paper the download(s) in the form of goals and breakdown in baby steps how you can achieve this. Remember...you are being held in a place of alignment by the energy of this moon (for about two weeks) so, work with it!! Are you feeling a little emotionally and spiritually overwhelmed? You are not alone as the Cosmos are certainly strong but, eminent right now...I suggest you take a wee bit of time to sit and ponder your course of action, meditate on it and then DO the thing, TAKE the action & EXPRESS the feelings!

Don't forget tonight is optimal time to charge up and cleanse your crystals.

This lovely full moon is prompting me to offer you all an Intuitive Full Moon Card Reading for only $11..email hello@omfulliving.com to book yours. Offering is good thru Friday July 19th, 2019.

Be the light! xo

Kristen Day

When it comes to the spirit and the universe, how do you know it’s a message you’re meant to follow or if it’s simply a thought you’ve placed in your own brain? We have signs and messages being placed in our paths all the time. Knowing how to “see” them or acknowledge that’s what they are causes us to question everything at times. It’s all about the energy.

Why do we put so much emphasis on energy when it comes to Spiritual & Holistic wellness?

Energy… It is all around us. We literally cannot escape it. We are all made of energy. Everything runs on energy. According to the law of conservation of energy in physics, energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. Energy can be defined as “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.” (Google search) It encompasses everything we do and everything we are.

So how do we use this knowledge of energy to help heal and make our life journey more peaceful and mindful? Well, there are many forms of energy healing and other modalities which use energy as their transfer method to promote healing from within.

Some ways we use energy at the lounge are:

Reiki – Of Japanese origin, it translates to English as Universal Life Energy (Rei: Universal, Ki: Life force.) It is defined as: A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. {A form of therapy in which the practitioner is believed to channel energy into the patient in order to encourage healing or restore wellbeing. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/reiki}

Qigong – Chinese origin. Translates as Qi (pronounced chi): Energy, Gong: exercise or work. This is a Chinese system of breathing exercises, body postures and movements, and mental concentration, intended to maintain good health and control the flow of vital energy. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/qigong?s=t

Crystals – All crystals vibrate at different frequencies. That means that different crystals offer healing energy for different ailments and intentions. We have crystal infused essential oils, crystal jewelry, and just plain crystals that you can place around your home or carry with you to ensure your environment has positive energy no matter where you go!

Have you experienced any form of energy, healing or otherwise? We’d love to hear about it! Drop us a comment or send us a message, we’re always looking to connect with you!

Updated: May 24, 2019


Today we would like to bring your awareness to a topic that is crucial to our existence here at The Lounge. Holistic Healing, formerly known as 'Alternative Medicine.' You may be wondering what exactly, Holistic Healing is all about. I am happy to say that we will be chatting here about what it is, why it's important to us and how it differs from and complements traditional medicinal techniques and treatments. Before we get started I would like to mention that Holistic or Alternative methods have been used for centuries, so it is not something new to us, rather something we must re-learn in order to heal ourselves and the planet. Lets get started, shall we?

You may be familiar with the name Hippocrates - He was the first Greek Physician over 2400 years ago to formulate the deeply rooted concept of "The Healing Power Of Nature." This key statement is the foundation of and central principle to naturalistic medicine. In the present day, we face a divide - between traditional and non-traditional healing practices. How do they differ? How has medicine and the way we look at healing ourselves evolved over 2400 years? In a clinical sense, conventional doctors aim to treat and diagnose ailments using prescribed medications. Whereas Holistic doctors tend to use vitamins and other herbs, or remedies. The difference is subtle and they both have their place in the world.

However, when it comes to healing ourselves - self care and internal alignment often go a long way to get us there. Holistic techniques focus on the body as a whole, traditional medicine tends to spot treat and think in terms of 'what if' preventative measures. Holistic healing often comes after options become minimal from a clinical standpoint. You may be aware of the growing number of antibiotic resistant diseases that are becoming more popular among us. In order to maintain a life of longevity we must ensure that our body is equipped, naturally - to ward off disease. Modern medicine can be very helpful, yet we have to be conscious of error. Holistic healing often creates minimal to no negative side effects, after all, we are nature.

The information on this website perfectly depicts and dissects the contrast between modern and traditional medicine and their techniques, methodology, and focus. The author of the diagram is Michael Castleman who wrote "Natures Cures," you may check his work out here: https://appliedhealth.com/comparison-of-natural-and-conventional-medicine/

If you are still interested to learn more about Holistic healing techniques, feel free to stop by the Lounge and chat with us. We would love to share our wealth of knowledge with you and to help you get back to feeling well. If your time is limited, send us an email at hello@omfulhomes.com we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Hopefully we may be of assistance to you or a loved one, to help and to heal. May your journey be a blessed one.


The team at OMful <3


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